Current Volunteer Guidelines & Restrictions:
1.) During COVID times, only volunteers 16 years old and up are back on campus.
2.) The only program on HEP’s campus currently accepting new individual volunteers is in the Thrift Store.
3.) Groups of no more than 5 people, ages 16+, are permitted in the HEP Thrift Store.
4.) Groups of 10 people, ages 16+, are permitted in maintenance and grounds opportunities.

Make a Difference

Have you ever wanted to help or volunteer your time to make a significant difference in someone’s life but didn’t know where to begin? Contact us to find out how your skills, knowledge, experience, ideas, enthusiasm and your connections to the community can be matched with a meaningful volunteer experience.

Questions? Contact Jessica Jaimes at 727.442.9041 ext. 107 or JessicaJ@HEPempowers.org.

Opportunities: (these opportunities are currently limited due to safety restrictions)

  • Group Service Projects: Serving meals, landscaping, painting, etc.
  • Professional Services: Practicing or retired medical, dental, bookkeeping, resume assistance, vocational training, budget training, etc.
  • Thrift Store: Cash register, sorting, pricing, cleaning
  • Maintenance: Painting, landscaping, carpentry, household repairs, AC preventative maintenance, pressure washing, gardening, etc.
  • Food Donation Pick-Ups: Pick up surplus food from local grocery stores & restaurants and deliver to HEP
  • Medical: Provide medication education for clients, assist with medication set-up
  • Office: Filing, phones, data entry, basic office tasks, prepare intake packets, confirm appointments, etc.
  • Kitchen: Serving meals, food preparation & cleaning
  • Learning Center: Education, mentoring, tutoring & homework assistance / FCAT assistance, youth activities, chaperone field trips, adult literacy & computer teachers, provide music lessons
  • Veterans: Provide budget assistance, oversee clubhouse during non-office hours, offer transportation assistance, host special events, lead athletic classes

Please note: New volunteer applications will still be accepted, however we are only accepting new volunteers for service in the HEP Thrift Store.

Get Started:
(All volunteer applicants must complete and submit the following documents prior to volunteering)

  • Application:
  • COVID Policy and Procedures: Review & Sign Now
  • COVID Release Review & Sign Now
  • HIPPA Training Module: Click here to be directed to FDCF site for the HIPPA training module.
    • Instructions:
      • Click on the link above. Go to the middle of the page to the  ‘HIPAA Information and Action” box,
      • Click and begin the training. You cannot fail, so stay with it!
      • Print out certificate of completion from HIPAA training

Submit your application:
To apply as a new HEP Volunteer, e-mail all 4 documents above to Volunteer & Event Specialist Jessica Jaimes at JessicaJ@HEPempowers.org.