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How We Help

Within 30 days of intake, each resident has gained access to all qualified community resources, each playing its part in helping the individuals, families and veterans we serve to obtain self sufficiency and improved quality of life. Some of these resources include: food stamps, Medicaid, SHOP/VIP programs, transportation, Veteran’s assistance, benefits assistance and much, much, more.

Within 3 Days

Treatment Plan Established

1-on-1 meeting with Case Manager to determine a customized treatment plan.

Within 30 Days

Access to Support Services

Client gains access to all supportive services including: child care, food stamps, Medicaid, SHOP/VIP programs, transportation, benefits assistance, and more.


Life Changes in a Blink of the Eye

“I was a marketing executive for 30 years – I have a B.A. in Marketing from Northern Michigan University, and am a former U.S. Airman. Following a difficult divorce, legal troubles, and then being laid off from work – I soon found myself evicted from my apartment with nothing by the clothes on my back. Thankfully, after two months of homelessness, a friend from church told me about HEP’s Veteran’s program. I truly believe if it weren’t for HEP, I would be living under a bridge somewhere today. While living at HEP, I participated in HEP’s canine-assisted therapy program, took part in nutrition and wellness services, was able to save money to pay off legal restitution charges and purchase a car. I also received help in acquiring my Social Security and V.A. benefits. Life has taught me that in a blink of an eye, you can have the rug pulled out from under you… but it doesn’t mean you have to stay down. My life has been totally turned around. I’ve just found a great apartment near HEP, and am so grateful for the team who enabled me to get back on my feet.”

David A., former HEP resident, Fairburn Apartments, transitional housing for Veterans.