Our Services

Basic Needs

How We Help

Priding ourselves in providing the best care possible, we have vowed from the beginning to never give an HEP resident a bed we wouldn’t sleep in, clothes we wouldn’t wear, or food we wouldn’t eat.


Client Arrives at HEP

Individual, veteran or family enters HEP often through word-of-mouth, a referring agency or a church.

1-12 Hours

Immediate Needs Met

Shelter, food and clothing provided.

Arrived In a Crisis

"I was homeless, living on the streets for 14 months before a counselor at the Salvation Army referred me to HEP. When I arrived at campus I was pleasantly surprised, it was so nice and the grounds were immaculate. I have been able to gain steady employment as a leadsman for a concrete company, acquired my driver’s license, maintained my sobriety and have reconciled with my family. HEP has taught me that it’s not about what you have, it’s about what you can offer others, I would love to help others and show them the kindness that I’ve been shown at HEP."

- Chandler S., Navy Veteran and former Veterans Community resident