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Basic Needs

How We Help

Priding ourselves in providing the best care possible, we have vowed from the beginning to never give an HEP resident a bed we wouldn’t sleep in, clothes we wouldn’t wear, or food we wouldn’t eat.


Client Arrives at HEP

Individual, veteran or family enters HEP often through word-of-mouth, a referring agency or a church.

1-12 Hours

Immediate Needs Met

Shelter, food and clothing provided.

Basic Needs

Arrived In a Crisis

“When you are living on the street, your sole focus is survival. You don’t know where you will get your next meal, how you will find somewhere safe to sleep – if you can get to sleep in the first place, and you feel depressed and dirty wearing the same clothing for days on end. When I arrived at HEP, my mind was immediately put at ease. I had safe shelter, I was fed a meal that included fresh vegetables, and I was able to take a hot shower and put on fresh clothing. Without the worry of how I was going to survive, I was able to set my focus on goals that would eventually lead me out of homelessness. Two years after seeking help at HEP, I now have a stable job and can afford my own apartment in the community. I have my life back, and it all began with something as simple as a good night’s sleep, a meal and a shower.”

Jennifer T., former HEP resident, transitional housing for individuals.