Our Services

Self-Sufficiency Programs

How We Help

Our Self Sufficiency programs are specially designed to help permanently break the cycle of homelessness for the individuals, families and veterans we serve, so they may become self-sufficient members of society once again. Here is a glimpse of all HEP offers to those who call our 8-acre campus “home”: Comprehensive dental and wellness care at HEP’s Dental & Wellness Clinic, on-site medical and mental health care, continuing education and workforce development programs, access to benefits assistance, Veteran specific housing programs & Veteran’s shuttle, HEP’s Go-Healthy wellness and chronic-illness self-management program, and more!


Progression Towards Independence

Client continues to access supportive services for duration of stay. Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with Case Manager ensure progress toward set goals.


Independent Housing Acquired

Upon exit, client is self-sufficient enough to acquire independent housing, or may be referred to another agency better suited for their unique individual needs

Family First

"My daughter suffered with medical and mental health issues and was unable to continue caring for my two grandsons, so I stepped in and adopted both boys. Rather than uprooting the children, I moved from my home in Tallahassee to Tampa. With no friends or family nearby to help, we soon found ourselves in need of a place to live. That’s when we arrived at HEP. With their help, the boys are thriving in school, making friends and I am able to give my grandchildren the love and attention they need. We are happy, safe and comfortable. What more could I ask for? Now when asked how I am doing, I cheerfully respond ‘too blessed to be stressed.’"

Agnes T., current HEP resident, Baty Villas, permanent-supportive housing for families.